We are at a make or break time for the future of the Ojibwe Language

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Ojibwemowin is not a foreign language, it is the indigenous language of the place where we live.
Even though our language is in danger, it is still alive. In fact, many states and place names have come from Ojibwemowin. In the Great Lakes region, Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota all come from Ojibwemowin words. Many other place names which have come from Ojibwemowin words can be found all over the country. You have probably been saying Ojibwemowin words and you didn’t even know you were doing it! Did you ever say the word Moccasin? Yep, that’s an Ojibwe word too. In 1996 Ojibwemowin was cited by the Guinness Book of World Records as having the most verb forms of any known language. That means it is a moving and changing being. This beautiful and powerful language was once spoken all over the United States and has forever made its’ mark in history. Now it’s time for us to help bring it back.

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